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The purpose of Kirltey Overhead Door Company is to give the people of the business industry a product line that offers safety and the highest quality equipment available today.

Most of you are already aware of the door and dock area problems. I feel that these problems can be corrected. During the 30 plus years that I have worked in the overhead door business, I have observed accidents resulting in bodily harm and even death due to:

Lack of Training
Lack of Attention
Misuse of Equipment
Buying the Wrong Product

The expense of these accidents to the employer is astronomical.
I feel there is a need to give the business industry the opportunity to obtain the products along with working knowledge that will make the working environment safer for all concerned . The Kirtley Overhead Door Company product line presented to you is the safest and highest quality equipment available today. 

We will succeed where others fail because we understand
product line and the customer's needs.

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