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Meeting with you before the job begins is key. At this time we will go over the specifications of your job and determine what product(s) will benefit you and your company the most. Kirtley Overhead Door Company also offer the service of consulting with your architect during planning to ensure that all specifications are planned for prior to the start of construction of your facility.


Kirtley Overhead Door Company offers full service installation on all of our products. This guarantees that everything is installed correctly and to factory specifications. This service allows you as a customer to be able to purchase the product(s) and have it installed by the same company. This makes it a one stop process for you and your company, alleviating any problems that may arrise from purchasing and installation from seperate individuals.


Continuing with the belief of a one stop process for the customer, Kirltey Overhead Door Company offers full training on all products we install. Upon completion of the work, we will go over the newly installed product(s) to ensure that you and your company fully understand all the operations and functions.